Four Affordable Luxury Clothing Brands to Follow in 2020.

Luxury isn’t for everyone. Although we all love it, and we wish to have it, it is not often that we can actually afford it. But between fast fashion brands and high end, we are lucky to have few brands that give us the luxury feel on a more budget price-point.

I recently noticed few brands that I wanted to talk about in this article. They offer a range for both office and evening settings and I consider them as affordable luxury options.


Maje is a brand created by French-Moroccan fashion designer Judith Milgrom. The style is very chic and often contains a lot of tweed pieces. The garments are very elegant as well as timeless and each piece is unique in it’s own way. I find myself adoring everything on display when I am in their boutiques.

Their 2020 collection was an interesting combination. While keeping the classic tweed dress styles, Maje also added few metallic or sequin pieces. From conservative to memorable, the new collection offers various options for either office or New Year parties.

I also love their coats and jackets pieces from this collection. By now I guess you can see I am a sucker for tweed… But can’t help it!!! The prices for coats range between USD 500 to 700, which yes, I know it is much more expensive than the ones you find in the fast fashion stores. However, considering the quality and the design, it is an affordable luxury option.

To find all the items mentioned in this list from Maje, please click here.

Sandro Paris

Sandro is a brand owned by the same parent company as Maje, SMCP. Was founded by Evelyne Chetrite  and her husband in 1984. It is one of the few accessible luxury Parisian brands and it is known for their clean lines and sophisticated aesthetic. This brand does not cater to women that follow trends, but tot hose that stay true to their finesse and independency.

Below are some examples of dresses from their 2020 collection, price tag going anywhere between USD 350 – 450, making it one affordable luxury option. The classy style never disappoints and at times there are more unique combinations like the denim jacket dress in the right. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold!

I wanted to emphasize some of the skirts they have as well, since they are so unique and can make or break your outfit. They go for USD 280 – 300, very stylish and chic, very Sandro!

To find all the items mentioned in this list from Sandro, please click here.


Reiss is a British Fashion brand owned and run by the founder, David Reiss. The brand started off with Men’s Suits, and luckily decided to dabble into the women wear in 2000s.

The reason why I like this brand so much is that in almost every collection, you can find at least one jaw dropping and one-of-a-kind dress! I mean so stunning that you cannot think of anything else? I know you know the feeling 🙂

It has a lot of options for office outfits and also for those very special evenings where you need something that will turn heads!

To find all the items mentioned in this list from Reiss, please click here.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a luxury British brand founded by Ray Kelvin. The brand is so easily recognizable due to its’ famous flower style. From daily planners to luggages, men and women’s wear, underwear and swimwear, Ted Baker has so much to offer. Also, worth mentioning is the iconic bow, present especially on the handbag collection.

The dresses retail for anything in between USD 150 to 300, on full price. The shoes around USD 170 and handbags around the same. Keep a close eye on sale though, as the prices become very attractive in the sale season.

To find all the items mentioned in this list from Ted Baker, please click here.

That’s it lovelies! Tell me what you think! Have you tried any of the brands mentioned above? Do you like the style and feel of each of them?

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