Brand of the week: Cotazur

Brand of the week: Cotazur

In an endless sea of offerings, looking for unique brands that you can trust is getting more and more difficult. Although we know the existence of smaller brands out there, it is always easier to go to our international groups reputable online platforms. Finding a small boutique has become nearly impossible in the world wide web sea, so here on Friday Scoop, we will start a new series with smaller brands found either in store or online. The point is to discover new pieces and to have fun experimenting with our style!

That is why I am launching the Brand of the Week series where each week I will share my thoughts on one brand at the time. I will showcase the pieces I loved most and any details I will be able to find. This week we are discussing Cotazur, a very cute brand I came across while visiting a mixed brand boutique here in Milan.

Who is Cotazur

So who is Cotazur? It is a swimwear and beachwear brand, with Italy as country of origin. Coming strong from Sicily, the brand knows beachwear very well and they changed the way we look at the traditional fabrics.  You can expect  mid scale prices, on average 90 -100 euros for the full bathing suites. During the sales season however, (which seems to be around august) you can expect pieces dropping to 40- 60 euros per piece.

The brand focuses on what knows best and revolves around the beach, resort life style. Besides the bathing suites, we can also find resort wear and accessories.

The only con I was able to find, seems to be the online purchasing which proves to be challenging for some clients. With problems such as parcel not arriving, or bad customer service, I hope the brand is looking at these with caution and proceed with improving of their services. I personally have seen the items in a physicals boutique that was carrying multiple brands and thus, I have no first hand experience with ordering online.

Online Review sites

Trustpilot 4 of 5 stars with 22 Reviews


Cotazur is available in multiple in-store locations, however the brand does not clearly indicate in which. It is a trial and error rather than a certainty. I have personally found it in a store called JDC Milano.

When it comes to online shopping, the brand is more widespread. Besides the direct website, you may find it in Zalando and YOOX. There are many other sites out there, but it will depend on your location to fit you best.

Top Picks

Hope you like the brand as much as I do!

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