Early 2000s Movie Fashion Trends I Would Wear Today!

Hello Friday Scoopers! Today we will be looking at the fabulous early 2000s fashion trends from our favorite chick-flick movies! And yes, I also had to mention few movies from the late 90s, cuz yea.. you can’t have a chick-flick edition without mentioning Clueless or Jawbreaker. I am sure you agree!

Overall we would be looking at looks we all grown to love from the early 2000s movies and take bits of these that I think we should all include in our day to day style. I definitely can say I love the more summerish looks as I live in a warm climate. What I do lack however is combining garments and making a look truly fabulous. Often relying on one dress to make or break your outfit is not the most sustainable approach, and from all the movies I will be mentioning you will see, the reason they went in the history books, was for the styling aspect.

Stylish Layering

I don’t know about you ladies, but lately I’ve been finding myself outing a lot of accent on one wardrobe piece instead of making fun combinations. Let me explain! You know when you find a certain skirt or cardigan that is very cute and you feel like no matter what you pair it with, it will anyway look nice? Perhaps you even end up spending an arm and a leg for it, because heck, it’s unique! 

I do tend to rely on that one piece to make my outfit stylish. But often I forget that a complete outfit can be also combining few garments, which can look simple at first, but together they look unique. And who else is better for this as an example, than our all-time fave, Cher from Clueless?! Somehow the early 2000s movies fashion was the best!

Source: Paramount Pictures via Pinterest.com

Another example I would give is Carrie’s all-green amazing outfit when she is home hunting with Mr. Big. If I would apply this to myself, I’m 99% sure I would have worn the green dress on its own, maybe not even think to add a belt. But what makes the outfit so special is the combination of them all: dress, belt with studs, the cardigan and who can forget the bag! Now this is something I need to wear today!

Source: HBO via Pinterest.com

Combining Bold Colors 

Another boring tendency that I have is to stick to safe color combinations. The boldest I go is to have an all-orange dress and I call myself ‘adventurous’! Crazy right?

In 2000s, I feel there was a bit more adventure when it came to color combinations and people were far away from ‘safe’ combos. Remember how in Gossip Girl we used to see Blair pairing a yellow top with an orange skirt? Even the shoes were all matchy-matchy and here I am sticking to the forever nude.

Confessions of a Shopaholic is also another great example, where she took the color combination to another level. And we stand!

Source: Gossip Girl via Pinterest.com; Confessions of a Shopaholic via Pinterest.com

Skirts in Different Patterns

In the past years we have seen a strong embrace of the nude and simple colors. You can definitely say the Kardashians had a role to play in all of this, but also the French Luxury fashion houses that have been historically inclined towards black and white. Yes, we did have some monogram patterns and some colorful versions here and there, but majority of the styles were rather simple.

In late 90s and early 2000s, the colorful patterns were definitely in and with no surprise, Burberry was extremely popular. We have now seen more and more options when it comes to our skirts. Bold colors, checkered and houndstooth patterns are definitely making a come-back and sure thing, I will update my closet!

Image Source: Mean Girs via Pinterest.com; Clueless via Pinterest.com;

Funky Jackets

Here is another chapter where I definitely fall short. Jackets that are unique and can elevate my outfit. We see many examples in the early 2000s movies and I can honestly say it makes me want to get out of my boring closet scheme. There was definitely a lot of denim, a lot of faux fur. Even combinations between fur and other fabrics look amazing! What do you think? Would you have this style from the early 2000s movie fashion that in your closet today?

Image Source: Wild Child via Pinterest.com; Scream Queens via Pinterest.com; The Carrie Diaries via Pinterest.com

Color-Coordinated Outfits

There is something about a fully color coordinated outfit isn’t it? I can’t stop thinking about the ensemble in the beginning of the Jawbreaker movie where all outfits were in same color. Even the color picked for each girl was deeply representative of their personality which I thought was so cool.

I have recently stared to see this trend coming back, with few work suits in same patterns emerging, but also casual outfits at Zara. We love a good combo!

Image Source: Jawbreaker via Pinterest.com

What do you think Friday Scoopers? Would you give any of these outfits a try?

What will you get first for your wardrobe? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

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