Giorgio Armani Beauty Essentials

Giorgio Armani Beauty was created in the year 2000 under the creative direction of Armani himself. Years later, backstage every fashion show, Armani is using only the beauty products from his own line and creating new products based on the collections he is creating. His beauty line is so intertwined with the beauty line that even the foundations are inspired by the fabric from the Armani’s collection. As he mentioned in an article by Harpers Bazar (which you can find here), the Luminous Silk was inspired by silk, Maestro by velvet and Face Fabric by chiffon.

Luminous Silk Foundation

This foundation is a staple for many women as its’ sheer coverage manages to somehow bring out the best in our skin. Inspired by luxurious charmeuse silk, the lightweight foundation blurs imperfections and gives an overall natural

look for your complexion and with a long-lasting glow. It is considered as a low to medium coverage, buildable and extremely light weight. It comes in 30 shades, in a container with a pump and with 30ml in each bottle.

This has always been my summer favorite foundation and I’ve been through couple of bottles so far. Definitely an understated product in the online community.

 Price Point: $64.00 – 30ml

Lip Maestro Liquid Lipstick

Before any velvet lipgloss on the market, there was Lip Maestro from Armani! A great balance between hydration, comfort and bright colors, this liquid lipstick is my to-go on any occasion. I love it for the non-sticky formula and the luxurious feel. Some noteworthy shades are No. 500 Blush, pinky shade for an everyday use and No. 207 Acajou for times when we need to make an entrance!

  Price point: $38.00 – 6.6ml

Neo Nude A-Blush

When it comes to a cute packaging, my brain simply stops working and all I can know at that point is that I must have it. Let’s face it, we like cute! But what happens if cute comes together with class and high quality together? Well then you get the Neo Nude A-Blush from Armani. And if you love liquid blushes as much as the next gal, then you should probably give this product a try. Besides the very cute nail-polish like container, the water-based liquid blush will instantly fuse with your skin, providing a healthy-looking, glowing complexion. It is very bendable as well as buildable and it comes in 6 wonderful shades. Price point: $36.00 – 3.9ml

Lip Magnet Liquid Lipstick

Every girl needs a matte liquid lipstick in her beauty bag, especially for those long nights when you can’t go for retouches every half an hour. Armani Lip Magnet has a highly concentrated consistency with deep pigments, is full coverage and smudge-resistant. It promises and delivers an eight-hour wear and it comes with a slim and unique applicator we all love.

  Price Point: $38.00 – 3.9ml

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