Early 2000s Fashion Handbags Still Trending in 2020

Bags. The greatest mystery for men and the one true love of women.

Men never understand why us women have such an oppression with handbags. Not the necessity of a bag per se, but rather the need to have so many. And while I am aware that some women are a bit more hoarding than others, end of the day, we are all having at least a couple in our collection. And how can you help it? A bag can make or break your outfit, so by default we need many colors. Then we get into style, hobo or tote, clutch or wallet on chain, small/medium/big, and the list goes on and on. Lastly we have the trends, which is at times hard to stay away from. That’s why every season, we end up buying more and more

Even though we are constantly changing our taste and trends influence heavily our shopping lists, some bags have kept their ground since early 2000s! There are those ‘it bags’ that we were seeing everywhere and dreaming of having at some point in our life. That iconic handbag that doesn’t go out of style regardless of trends. And if we speak about luxury, those bags that never loose values on the pre-loved market! Here is a list of four iconic ‘It Bags’ from early 2000s fashion trends!

The Dior Saddle Bag

The Dior Saddle Bag was rather unusual when it first launched. It was nothing like your regular handbag shapes, as it resembled kidney more than anything.

The bag was designed by the visionary and former creative director of Dior, John Galliano in 1999. It officially debuted in the spring/summer 2000 collection. Why the shape you ask? All the articles I’ve read so far do not mention the clear reason why the shape was in a kidney shape. However I do know that it was inspired by the equestrian style and that back then, Galliano’s muse and inspiration was Amanda Harlech. She was a passionate equestrian and inspired many creations of Galliano, as André Leon Talley said in his book, The Chiffon Trenches.

 Right after its’ release, it became a phenomenon. All celebrities were wearing the bag on a regular basis and it was a symbol of the early 2000s fashion style. 

In 2016, Maria Grazia Churi was appointed as the new creative director for the house Dior. She had a clear vision of reinventing the iconic designs while paying homage to her predecessors. This is how in The Dior autumn/winter 2018 collection, the rejuvenated Dior Saddle Bag came back to life. The bag had now a new aesthetic while keeping the unique an eye-catching shape.


The Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag

Balenciaga as a fashion house had what some would say a tumultuous upbringing. However everything changed in 1997 when Nicolas Ghesquière was appointed as Creative Director in 1997.

It was in early 2000s when Ghesquière designed the now-classic motorcycle bag, as his first bag for the house. Initially it was not well received by the critics as it was considered too soft, with little to no structure. Moreover, early 2000s fashion was all about the big logos. Sparks and glitter were at the top of the food chain, while the Balenciaga Motorcycle bag had none of that.

The bag was showcased as a prototype in one of Ghesquière’s shows and that’s when Kate Moss has noticed the bag. She has immediately requested a bag for herself and has been seen caring the Motorcycle bag everywhere. Short after everyone was dreaming of one and for many it was love at first sight. This specific example has proven that often it is the consumer dictating the trends and not the critics.

Most popular styles of the bag were The Balenciaga City Bag (in small and mini), the Balenciaga Town Bag and the Balenciaga Work Bag.

Today, Balenciaga City Bag remains a cult classic and has a great resale value. With Balenciaga releasing few special colors with every edition, it basically ensures there is and will be a strong market place for the pre-loved editions.

The Fendi Baguette

The year was 1997. The house of Fendi was seeing a glorious time, making some great decisions for the brand. Karl Lagerfeld was creative director for the clothing line while Silvia Venturini Fendi was taking care of the accessories line. And did she rock this position! Hell yes! Silvia gave us the most iconic Fendi design to date, by bringing the Fendi ‘Baguette” to life. It was named like so due to it’s shape a wearability under the arm, such as a French bread loaf.

In early 2000s, Fendi was given the Fashion Group International award for Accessories, which further more cemented the Baguette as a cult classic.

One of the reasons why it did so well, was because the bag had an iconic appearance in the Sex and the city tv series. In the episode called “What goes around comes around’ launched on October 8th 2000, Carrie Bradshaw is seen with a simply put jaw-dropping purple sequin-embellished Fendi Baguette. This not only put the bag on the map, but also created a trend. Celebrities like Paris Hilton, Gigi Hadid and so many others started wearing the bag and being photographed in their day to day life wearing it. Heck, if it’s Carrie Bradshaw approved, then everybody needs to have it!

Years later, the Fendi Baguette is still an ‘It Bag”, defeating the change of trends and passing of time. It did get few makeovers over  the years, but still a cult classic until this day. Who doesn’t still dream of a Fendi Baguette?

How about you? Are you loving the early 2000s trends in handbags? 

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