Elisabetta Franchi. Who She Is Why We Love The Brand!

So I have recently been blessed with bumping into an Elisabetta Franchi store, and boy let me tell ya! I can’t get her clothes out of my mind!!! A combination of fun and colorful clothing, with strong and empowering designs. Her dresses have a perfect fit, revealing and yet classy. Provocative, but never vulgar. This woman is amazing!

Who is Elisabetta Franchi?

Elisabetta was born in Bologna Italy, in 1968. She came from a humble family, with a mother that worked hard to sustain five children. Elisabetta had to work hard for her dreams and so every achievement was more so important. She started what others would say small, as she was making dresses for her dolls. Franchi had it in her DNA and she also believes that this

Her brand was first launched in 1996 by Elisabetta Franchi and Sabato Cennamo. They first named the brand Elisabetta Franchi Celyn, but was changed in 2012 to what we know and love today.

Did you know?

One of the things I appreciate about her brand is the fact that her garments remain “Made in Italy” in spite of the growing popularity of outsourcing. Her atelier is designing and bringing the fashion pieces to life in Italy. By doing so she is securing the jobs of her teams and maintaining the quality of the garments by personally training her staff.

Along the years her business grew considerably. She opened almost 100 boutiques all over the world. With stores in Milan, Paris, Madrid, Hong Kong and Dubai just to main a few, the brand is definitely qualified as international. 2015 was a very special year for Elisabetta Franchi as well, as she debuted on the runway during Milan Fashion Week with a Spring Summer collection.

In an interview for Fashion TV, Elisabetta described the woman that wears her brand is very feminine but no vulgar. Elisabetta believes that elegance is unique and can’t be bought. As she said in the interview (which you can watch here), elegance is in our DNA and it is not something that can be bought. Well, i guess if we don’t have it, at least we can rely on Franchis’ style instead!!

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